About Peter Haworth and The Peter Haworth Consultancy

The Peter Haworth Consultancy has been working with companies both in the United Kingdom and Internationally for over 25 years. Peter Haworth  has provided a range of services from Interim Management to the provision and implementation of Strategic Change Policies, and often a combination of all three. Peter has provided Management Continuity, Crisis and Problem Solving action, is single minded, bottom line focussed and biased to action.  Peter has worked with companies both large and small and is perfectly at home in either situation.

The Consultancy started out by working almost exclusively with companies whcih were troubled, in distress or just under-performing, either at the invitation of the company itself or by introduction from its finance providers which were typically Venture Capital Funds or simply their bankers.

Through Peter Haworth the Consultancy offers a wide range of both General and Financial consultancy assistance to management who either do not have the time or expertise to undertake certain key projects. Peter Haworth will provide an unbiased view to lead and guide management through periods of change.

Peter  has led managements of a wide variety of businesses through turnaround and recovery situations by using his own wide experience and a large degree of common sense and mentoring. He does not believe in just delivering jargon and trivia, but delivering results and satisfaction. Increasingly Peter has worked with strong healthy companies who just wanted help with strategic direction. His expertise has been harnessed across a very wide range of industrial sectors from Manufacturing to Retail to many different service sectors.

To have success in these areas there needs to be a very clear path through towards the goal with the solutions identified and implemented with a single minded approach. Peter Haworth provides such a playing field on which to work, he becomes an integral member of the client team.

Peter has worked successfully across the globe, often with British based companies who either have, wholly owned businesses or Joint Venture operations overseas and has enjoyed the confidence of a cross section of financial institutions, both in the United Kingdom and overseas. He has therefore acquired a broad knowledge of differing business cultures.

To ensure complete professionalism in the more specialist tasks Peter has the back up of a  wide pool of Associates around the world including New York City, California, Washington D.C., Hong Kong, Shanghai,  Sydney, Milan and Paris who may be called on to apply their particular skills to an individual problem. These services include as well as the normal Finance, I.T, and Legal but such areas as specialist Conferencing / Travel and High End Commercial Photography for such things as Product Cataloguing and Prospectuses.  

Typically the kind of projects undertaken have included:-

Financial and Strategic Planning

Corporate and Management Restructuring

Operational Reviews

Corporate Business Plans

Downsizing Projects

Interim Management

Acquisitions and Disposals

Worldwide Business Development

A selection of industrial sectors where Peter Haworth has worked :-



Financial Services



Transport & Distribution

Travel Business


Design & Marketing Consultancy

Heavy Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Woodworking Machinery

As both Executive  and non-Executive Chairmanships and non Executive Directorships Peter Haworth has proved to be a very positive addition to many Boards of Directors. So whether it is turnaround management or just strategic positioning he has gathered a wide experience over quarter of a century. He has assisted over 70 companies in various positions and over differing periods of time from a few days to several years.

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