My Approach : As a Non Executive Director

Non Executive Directorships - The Peter Haworth Consultancy Way

Peter Haworth has for many years provided non-Executive Directorships to a wide variety of clients both in the United Kingdom and Overseas.  In many such appointments he has taken on the additional role of Chairman of the companies involved.

Peter Haworth provides a very long and wide experience profile to his clients in these situations, and has been responsible for guiding several of his clients through periods of intense change very often from difficult situations.

Peter Haworth offers sound and objective advice on many aspects of business including the over-riding one of corporate governance.

Another benefit which Peter Haworth has brought to his clients over  the years is that he has brought his own unique skills, experience and contacts not necessarily held by the Executive Directors.

Since the business down-turn which occurred during the end of the 1980’s and the beginning of the 1990’s Peter Haworth has demonstrated a gift for positive strategic directional guidance for his clients. His own objective views dictate that strategic decisions have to be made carefully, with expectations realistically assessed and a tight system of controls implemented throughout the organization in order to achieve them.

Peter Haworth was invited on several occasions to assist the management of MBO’s and MBI’s throughout the late 80’s and 90’s , by Venture Capitalists and Banks as well as other providers of capital. The confidence shown in him in those days has remained and he still takes on work on behalf of these financial institutions today.


These factors alone demonstrate that Peter Haworth is extremely capable of presenting an informed and independent viewpoint and contribution to those Boards of Directors on which he has served.