I provide Interim Executive Services to companies with severe difficulties and/or temporary management requirements. I do so by energetically applying my own management know-how to the needs of client organizations, so that the results are produced in the interim, and the organization is positioned for the permanent executive to be successful over the long term.

In summary format therefore, as a temporary executive I will:-

* Provide ....

                                 MANAGEMENT CONTINUITY

* Accomplish...

                                 ORGANISATIONAL TRANSITIONS

* Execute....


* Manage....

                                 CRISIS/PROBLEM SITUATIONS

My Approach : As an Interim Executive

Precepts :-

* Work on client’s business, doing whatever it takes to achieve results.

* Work on client’s strategies, objectives, priorities and schedules....or help refine them.

* Adapt to client’s culture, personality and methods....or help to change them.

* Take a common sense and practical approach to the job ( e.g. fix what’s broken, don’t tamper with what works).

* Do the work that needs to be the shortest possible time....and get out !


1. Assess situation jointly (and rapidly). Understand strategies, objectives, priorities, schedules, strengths, weaknesses etc.

2.  Formulate specific action plan tailored to client’s requirements and situation; a plan approved by the client and used to monitor progress etc.

3. Implement the plan :

    * Take decisive action ( e.g. personnel, organization, financial, product, project etc.).

    * Sustain operations...MANAGE, LEAD, ACT !  

    * Keep client abreast of progress and status.

    * Create a plan for, and then perform the transition to, the permanent executive.

4. Exit, leaving the client with the following :-

     * A positive and manageable environment for the permanent executive to carry forward.

     * Recommendations for organization, personnel, business objectives/strategy and key issues/concerns.